Here at Elite Security Stamford we are always striving to give our customers the very best systems so they can take comfort in their home and business security.

HD/TVI is a means of upgrading your old analogue cctv system to HD using the existing coax cabling.

IP (Internet protocol) systems are great for long range transmission and larger buildings. They allow anything from a small descreet camera to a PTZ camera with can be operated by the end user to give a 360° view. Images from an IP system can be up to 4K (depending on what monitor, phone or tablet is being used) 

Colorvu technology by Hikvision allows our range of cameras to provide a full colour image at night  to help with identification rather than the usual black and white images. 

Acusense is another great innovation , using a deep learning algorithm our range of DVRs and NVRs can trigger alarms by vehicles and humans, reducing false triggers by animals and other irrelevant objects. 

Visual and audio on some of our range of cameras allows you to set your camera to trigger a built in siren and flashing lights whenever the motion detection area is entered. It has been proven that would be thieves actually look straight at the camera when these alarms and lights trigger, thus helping to get a full facial image. 

WiFi cameras are becoming more popular due to the flexibility of installation. These cameras have an sd card to store images or they can be used with cloud storage, preventing the need for a storage device in the home or office. WiFi cameras have come a long way recently and now offer images up to 1080p .

We also have a range of outdoor floodlights with a built in camera, using much of the same technology used in our wifi cameras for storage and viewing. These are very popular with customers that want a camera but are also wanting lighting in the area. 

All our cctv systems can be viewed and operated remotely with our state of the art app. This allows the customer to view, playback and take screenshots from anywhere in the world. It also has the added benefit of allowing more than one system to be added to the app, for example home and work systems could be viewed at the same time.